I'm Hannah!

Sometimes I help people build websites. Email me if you'd like to collaborate!


What is artismypeace.net?

I owned this domain name for 10 years, from 2003 to 2013. I used to love making websites in high school -- for myself, for the local emo and metal bands, for my high school, and in web design class. I got this domain name to start a blog (in 2003!) and share my art and have fun making websites.

I recently decided to reclaim artismypeace.net -- feels like she's home again and it's healing.

I still like fiddling with web design. I like helping people make authentic, no-frills, sustainable websites. People say I have a calming presence and vibe. And I can wrangle a web template like no other. If thinking about building your website makes your anxious or panicky, let's chat. I got you.

Recent website collaborations!
Julie Stoltman
- incredible career coach and leader
Made using Wix. I painted the watercolor stripes!

Katie Prout - amazing writer and journalist
Made using Squarespace